Different Styles of Rocking Chairs


The best rocking chairs are found in various forms and styles. Since their invention in the 18th century, these chairs have been going through many transitions. Every alteration in its basic style gave it the beauty that cannot be described. The purpose of all the changes was to increase its luxuriousness. When they began to be used in Europe, a great revolution came in its styles. They changed it according to their own needs and requirements. Now a day, these chairs are found in a large number of styles. Some of these styles are:

  1. Classic Modern
  2. Contemporary
  3. Danish Modern
  4. Super Streamlined
  5. Traditional American
  6. Shaker
  7. Thonet Bentwood

Classic Modern

These are the rockers which are a beautiful blend of both classic and modern styles. These are still liked much in many homes. These are also available in different versions. These are available both in wooden material and plastic material.


These are purely classical in style and have cutting edges. These are rarely available because there are a few designers who make these chairs. We can call these rockers as the first copy of original rockers.

Danish Modern

Another very good and unique style of rocker chairs is Danish Modern. These are often found with cushions in some homes. We can make these new just by cleaning and changing the cushions. These are easily available and cheap. These can also be used both in nurseries and homes.

Super Streamlined

Another very good style of rockers is super streamlines chairs. These are made of bent wood. These are light weight and also cheap. These are in the designs that really fit in to a modern home.

Traditional American

These are another very beautiful form of rockers. Americans usually use the wooden made rockers in various styles. These are Mission, Arts, Crafts, and even Adirondack. These are also easily available and easy to manage.


The next style of these rocker chairs are the shakers. These are also close to classic style and usually handmade. These rockers have a slate back and are very traditional. These, sometimes, can d├ęcor the modern home.

Thonet Bentwood

Named on the name of its inventor Thonet rockers are also another style of rockers available in America. These brought a revolution in the world of chairs. These are very inexpensive and can be easily managed.

In conclusion, it can be easily said that, in whichever style, the best rocker chairs are the most beautiful chairs being used in modern homes.