4 Factors affecting your app’s rank

4 Factors affecting your app’s rank

Marketing an app on some store means to care about the algorithms used to generate the app ranking. To be capable of competing in the environment of app stores, it is always recommended to have a better understanding of some factors that affect the ranking of the apps. The ranking is important because, in simple words, it is a translation for your apps quality. The factors that affect your app rank are not few ones, they are a complex net of collaborating algorithms. But don’t worry, understanding the thing is much easier than understanding the relation between the wealthy businessmen and the politicians. Try it with us in this article.

  • Number of downloading times

You think that your app has to have a good rank first to be downloaded, and that is true. But it is also true that the number of downloads is one of the factors to affect the rank of your app. The thing is similar to the great puzzle of “who came first, the egg or the hen?” However the answer is much easier than the hen and its egg. All you have to do is to play on the other ranking factors till you get a good number of downloading times. Then, the number of downloading times will be contributing in the whole algorithm of ranking.

  • Engagement

Engagement is an estimation of how much time someone is spending with your app. If you have designed this app in an appropriate way, then people will like it and spend more time using it. This information is translated into the app store into an effective factor of ranking.

  • Deep linking

If you are asking for a good restaurant to spend the night at and you have been advised by a specific name so many times, would you go somewhere else? Of course not. Deep liking is working the same way in linking your app to the other websites. The more your app name and link appear in the other sites, the higher its opportunity to appear on the different searching engines.

  • Reviews

When people use some app, some of them would like to share their experience in using this app. This experience is usually shared in the form of reviews. If the reviews on an app are good, then this app would be having a higher rank. If the reviews about this app are not that much satisfying, then this app is facing some troubles. If that app with troubles is yours, try to develop your app quickly. Fix all the problems so your app doesn’t have a bad rank compared to the other app store rankings.