French, the Universal Language of Love

French, the Universal Language of Love

It is said that French is the universal language of love. Indeed, there is much truth to it, but it is not about the heart images pictured by the language. It is about French people who embrace love in a different way than in some other places around the world.

The idiosyncrasy of French people revolves around nuances that open a whole new world of possibilities. Let’s explore some of them through the old saying of French people when they crop the petals of a rose.

Loving Madly

This is the stage we all want to accomplish. However, it is just a possibility among a range of options. The old saying has it included as one out of five options, four of them positive. To be in love madly is like winning the biggest prize in the lottery. For French people, there are also other prices when you don’t hit the first.


Loving a Little

As you can love madly, you may also be loved just a little. It means you care for someone, but not necessarily to a point to make it the mainstream of your life.


Loving a Lot

When you love someone up to a point in which he is a very important part of your life, you are precisely in here. For French people, there is a distinction between the different levels of love. Think of it as a gamma in which loving a lot is high on the scale.


Loving Passionately

Some of us would love to fall on this possibility. To love passionately is not just about heart images. It is more related to carnal love and desire. Passionate love doesn’t necessarily mean you are willing to spend a life together. It can be a random encounter once in a while. In France, the possibility has been open for a while. You could get a passionate connection without other emotional attachments that come with a more serious relationship.



Not Loving at All

All possibilities in love must include not loving at all. French are open to the lack of love in a relationship. That can be of most use when moving on to the next. Most cultures are so into emotional attachments that it is difficult to accept closure. This can be a problematic situation. But French people in general, have an open mind to let go when there is no love at all.