Golf courses – encouraging wildlife on them

Golf courses – encouraging wildlife on them
There are generally different ways of thinking, while some are exceptionally brilliant others are a direct opposite. It worth it when we look at new ideas but one thing that is spectacular with Burnaby golf course is the natural sensation golfers get while playing few rounds. Golf is one of the sporting activities where the participants interact directly with the natural environment. Golf courses occupy millions of hectares of land all over the different countries and regions of the world as there are more than golf twenty thousand golf courses on planet earth. While we sprawl, green areas like this should meet the needs of golfers and also provide accommodation for them.
Habitats found in golf courses
It will be an added advantage to golf players if these golf courses can become a good habitat for sensitive and highly desirable species of wildlife. This will also improve the aesthetical aspects, values and educational impacts of these golf courses. Different types of habitats are found in different golf courses. They are; streams, savanna woods, ponds and grassland amongst others.
The different Species found in golf courses
Proofs from reports have shown that golf courses have played important roles in the conservation of important species of purple martin, tree swallow and Eastern bluebird etc. There are also records of different varieties of species that are rare in different golf courses like the sand lizard, crocus and the natterjack toads amongst others.
Golf course regardless of their location and type has something they offer especially when it comes to the conservation of wildlife. Usually, all courses have wildlife but the most important thing is to use their full habitat to its greatest capacity. The nature of the soil, climate, topography and vegetation determines the type of wildlife found in golf courses. Thus, it is imperative for a golf manager to seek the assistance and services of a professional biologist to strategize means of creating a better naturalistic landscape.
Golf course management
The creation of a more naturalistic landscape is one of the major management practices for golf courses. This however, is not only as a result of biological interest but because it is a cost- effective solution. In addition, the more naturalistic courses like the Burnaby golf course needs small amount of pesticides, herbicides and water. Thus, they require fewer efforts unlike other conventional courses for their maintenance.